This week got off to a good start but ended on a bad note.  Looks like I am going to be taking Fall Break #2… this time not by choice.

Sun – 9:30 AM 70:00 @ Bent / 1:30 PM 45:00 run (5k steady)

Cold and rainy today… lame!  Ran in the morning with Stuart over at Bent Creek.  Then came back a couple of hours later to run in the Run for the Horses 5k.  One of the families from my HS XC team runs the non-profit organization, Hope for Horses, which the race benefited.  Jerad showed up for the race and we ran together for the first 1.5 miles then I ran solo the rest of the way.  I went through the mile in 5:20, two in 11:00 and ended up cruising it in for a 16:50… nice hard effort.  Jogged around with Jerad for about 2.5 miles then got in some dry clothes.

Monday – PM 70:00 @ Bent Creek

Tues – 6:30 AM 28:00 / 8:00 PM 56:00 in Biltmore Forest roads + CDS campus

Wed – PM 1:17 Tempo Run @ Arboretum

A 6 mile tempo run was on tap for today… since I was on the dirt, I used my HR monitor and ran for 34 minutes.

I warmed about 3 miles with KG and Stuart then added a mile of 20/40 strides.  Began the tempo at the bottom of the Arb and took the dirt road all the way up past Bent Creek Rd before turning around at 20ish minutes.  On my way back, I had some cramping and ended up stopping at 23:00 and walking for a minute.  It worked because I was able to get back at it and put out a good effort in the last mile and half.   I was really hauling the last half mile and felt great.

Thur – 6:30 AM 21:00 / PM 1:20 @ Bent Creek

Weird morning run – felt amazing for 2 miles then BAM took a step and my heel was killing me.  I walk/jogged for a mile then it miraculously felt better.  Not sure what the deal was with that.  Had a good evening run with the group – heel was not an issue. Finished the night by absolutely gorging myself at Papas and Beer.  I am going to feel that it the morning.

Fri – 6:00 AM 50:00 @ Biltmore Park / PM sprain ankle – lame!

Wow – rough run.  I was really feeling the tacos and cerveza from last night.  However, I got the run in, so it was a victory.

This afternoon, while dressed up as a rival school’s mascot, I sprained my ankle during the school’s pep rally.  Yes, classic.  It was just a stupid accident.  I was running backwards and stepped on a kid’s foot, which cranked my ankle over.  The ankle swelled up so badly that I was sure it must be broken.  I was able to get the mascot costume off but still had some face paint on when I went to Urgent Care.  Thankfully, the X-Rays came back negative and I was diagnosed with a 3rd degree sprain (but the Nurse Practitioner seemed like she was taking a guess, so who knows).  I have heard that sprains can be worse than breaks, but I have had enough fractures in the last few year… I don’t want to deal with another.  Strangely, the sprain did not hurt at all.  No pain whatsoever.  Hopefully, that is a good sign for the healing process.

To make matters worse, KG and I were supposed to be on a plane at 5:30 pm tonight – headed up to New England for a wedding.  Instead, we had to stay home and I had sit on my butt all weekend with my leg up.  Not cool!

Sat – Nothing!  Being on crutches is not fun.

Week Total
72 miles
in 9 runs

Looks like another few weeks off for me.


MD Training 9/13/09 – 9/19/09

First week back (kinda).

Starting around the last week of August I took about a week off completely.  In the next week I started to build back up but something flared up (I honestly don’t even remember) so I backed off and took a few more days off.  Last week, I was back to running, but took a day or two off and kept most runs around 60 minutes.  It was probably in the 40-50 mile range.  This week, I finally got some consistency back, but still did not feel like I was “training” – still just running.  Next week, I am looking forward to getting back into workouts, doubling a few days and getting my mileage up a bit.

Sun – 1:28 Long Run – ran with KG nice and easy @ Bent

Mon – 70:00 with Stuart @ Bent

Tues – AM 25:00 in neighborhood / PM 45:00 on Biltmore Forest roads

Busy day – full day at school + HS XC meet.  I was tired by the second run, but still ran at a decent clip.

Wed – 70:00 with Stuart and Taylor @ Bent

Another long day with full day at school + Middle School XC meet.  Good run with the guys after all of that.

Thur – AM 37:00 in neighborhood with KG / 51:00 @ Arboretum with KG

Decent runs today. I am still trying to get used to the 6:00 AM morning run.  The pitch black outside my window is not inviting.

Fri – AM 40:00 with Stu @ Biltmore Park roads / PM 45:00 with HS XC team

Morning run was rough.  I was light headed and extremely hungry.  It couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that the only thing I put in my stomach between the PM run yesterday and this morning run was 3 baskets of tortilla chips, a couple of tacos and a big 32 ounce mug of Dos Equis…

My afternoon run was fun because I was able to pace my stud frosh in his tempo run.  I don’t often run with the kids but it was nice get the chance to pull him along.

Sat – AM 70:00 with Aaron + KG @ Bent

Good run in some great fall weather.

Week Total
76 miles in 10 runs.

Fall Break

Wow – I have really neglected my running log.  The training following my big-mileage week was anti-climactic to say the least.  I was a bit banged up and had a different nagging issue everyday.  I took a day off or two and ended with 68 miles.  By the end of the week, my right foot (out of nowhere) started to hurt. I could run on it, but just not on any uneven surfaces… those really bothered it.

The following week (8/23 – 8/29) things progressed a bit, but not as much as I have would liked.  Even having my foot feel 85% is not good enough because I know that any foot issues can definitely lead to a fracture. That plus my first week of teaching and a lack of sleep (see: first week of teaching) made for a rough training week.  I ran 8-10 most days but still had the foot giving me problems here and there.  On Thursday, after a run where I only made it 60 seconds before turning and walking back to the car, I finally just wised up and realized that I needed a break.

So, here I am – 5 days into my time off.  I will probably start spinning tomorrow and running by the end of the week.  From there I will take it day by day and just run based on how I feel for a week or two.

Hopefully, I can come out of my break with a healthy foot and survive my first couple of months of teaching + coaching enough to be able to make a strong push to Club XC Nationals in December.  Thats the goal, at least.

I’m not very good at posting these things on time, eh?

OK, so I spoke too soon about training not changing much two weeks ago. Randy switched things up on me and I had a rocking week of training (08/09-08/15). There were three up tempo sessions and I easily hit a total of 70 for the week. I love it. A quick run down of the week looks like this: 1:50 long run out at Bent Creek with 2 x 10 min tempos at the 40 min and 80 min mark, plus 10 x 20/40 strides to seal the deal. I felt fantastic on this run and wanted to keep going – it was a perfect Sunday morning. Later that week I had 24 x 200m @ 37 high – 39 mid (they were originally at 39-40, but myself and my training buddy RJ just got into a groove and went with it). For repeats 1-16 we were on 100m jog rest,  and for 17-24 it was a 200m jog rest. It felt so good to shake my legs out at a quicker pace. Another great day to log in the books.  Thursday evening I rolled my ankle running the trails, but it was a false alarm* and turned into a pleasant enough run.  Friday’s workout of a two mile tempo @ 5:56 pace followed by 3 x 3:30 pickups on the fields at A. School went off without a hitch, but by that evening I had a  bit of a sore ankle and by the this Wednesday I was taking the evening run off….crap!

Oh running, how sweet you are just before you run away again!

So that “false alarm” of an ankle roll apparently was a little more then it initially let on to be. The hypothesis is that when I rolled the ankle I created some minor injury in one of the tendons or ligaments that was barely detectable until the workout the next morning where  I further agrivated it, etc etc. It doesn’t really matter now how it happened now though. I guess the silver lining is that this past week was a planned down week from intensity and mileage all together. I have had 12 solid weeks of  up-tempo work, plus my longest stretch to date of uninterrupted running and not to mention highest volume, so as Randy has said there is no need to worry, there is money in the bank. I just wasn’t expecting this big of a down stretch, dang it! I have been attacking this little bugger of a sprain pretty aggressively with ART/Grastin/adjustments/rehab exercises with Dr. Myers here in Asheville (AKA kick ass chiropracter and all around stand up dude). It is slowly turning around so my goal(s) are 1) be back up an running normally by the end of next week and 2) keep my head on straight and use this down time to revive and refresh before the next cycle of training. Embracing the second goal I think could turn this debacle into a blessing in disguise.

So that is where I stand right now, and until further notice  I’ll be waltzing around with the bike, a large rotation of ice cups, and my ankle compression sleeve…stupid roots.

peace out, cub scouts.

…but I’m le tired…

…last week’s training will come with this week’s training…

The plan for the week is to hit big miles.  I am just taking it day by day and seeing what it adds up to in the end.

Sun – 2:10 Long Run @ Bent Creek

Started the run a bit later than normal because we wanted to sleep in.  This made for a very hot run.  I was sweating buckets and running pretty ragged in the last 20 minutes.  Even though it was a longer run, it went by decently fast with KG’s company in the first 30 mins and Stu’s in the last 1:40.

Mon – AM 1:18 run easy @ Bent with 10 x 20/40 / PM 1:20 run steady @ Bent
Extras: HTL + leg swings, stretch, strides

AM run was with KG for a bit then solo. I took it easy for the most part and felt good.  The PM run was with a big group – Stu, Taylor and Corey and a few UNCA guys.  We kept up a steady, but comfortable clip from the start.  I finished the run feeling great, but I am sure the 23 miles I put in today will hit me tomorrow.

Tues – AM 46:00 shakeout @ Biltmore Forest roads / PM 58:00 easy run @ Biltmore Forest roads
Extras: HTL, Leg Swings

Very tired today!  Our apartment has been holding onto the heat and making sleep tricky.  At first it is hard to fall asleep, then when I do – it is a full-on coma.  I woke up this morning with a heat-hang over… not functioning.  I was dragging pretty hard in the morning as I ran with the XC kids.  All of the miles were very easy (8-8:30 pace) aside from the two miles in the middle where I tagged on with the kids running their tempos.

I had another rough one in the PM, but for different reasons.  I mistimed my meals and ended up bonking HARD around 50:00 into the run.  After a couple of walk breaks, I was finally able to stagger back to the car.  I have a run like this every 2 months or so, but this crash was the worst of recent memory.

Wed – AM Track Workout / PM 68:00 run @ Bent Creek
Extras: Myrtle, planks, strides

The AM workout was straight-forward, just a 2 mile @ 9:35.  I ended up running a 3200 and hitting 9:30.7. I felt smooth and got in a very good rhythm.  Other than the last lap, which I squeezed down to a 69-high, I was pretty consistent with my pacing.

26:30 warm-up
6 x 100 on / 100 off strides + drills
200 @ 35
3200 @ 9:30.7 (4:46.8, 4:43.9)
25:30 cool down

In the PM, I had a good run overall but there was a stretch of about 5 minutes on Southridge where my foot was feeling weak and I kept rolling my ankle on the loose rocks.  It had me a bit worried, but once we hit the smooth trails, all was fine.

Thur – AM 60:00 run @ Biltmore Forest roads / PM 1:20+ run @ Bent Creek group run
Extras: Myrtle routine

Fri – AM 69:00 run @ Biltmore Forest roads / PM 65:00 run @ NC Arb
Extras: HTL + Leg Swings

Left IT Band & quad were pretty tight today.

Sat – AM 75:00 run @ Biltmore Estate / PM 72:00 run @ Bent Creek
Extras: Stretch + Chiro, ART & Graston

IT Band was still barking at me a bit in the morning and my quad had a few big knots in it.  After the AM run, I had a great appointment with Dr. Meyers – he spent close to an hour working on all of my leg issues.  In the PM run I still felt a bit beat up in the quads but IT Band was not as much of an issue.

.Week Total
135 miles
in 13 runs

Well that was a new mileage PR… by a lot.  All in all the week went very well. I was definitely feeling a bit beat up by the end with the leg issues, but I was not as fatigued as I thought I would be.  Maybe that will hit next week?  The 320o on Wednesday was encouraging, especially during a high volume phase.  If I can get past the IT Band / Quad issues soon, next week will probably another 100+.

Jumped on the slacker train the past two weeks regarding the upkeep of this thing.  So without further ado, here are the last two weeks! Do you notice the pattern over the past 2 months, or so? Exactly. I would not expect too much variation in the next few weeks either (then again I haven’t seen what is on tap for this week yet, so I could be way off) . MD and I are working on our schedules and getting consistent with the extras, especially as he heads into the school year. I think he is actually posting the extras. I’ll get around to that one of these days, but for the time being just take whatever he is posting and then think bigger and better to get an idea of what I am doing.

Here are the numbers…

Training week 07/26/ – 08/01/09

Totals: 68 miles/6 days

Sunday: 83 min w. 30 second pops at the 4’s & 9’s

Monday: AM 40 min / PM 44 min + strides & mini drill set

Tuesday: off

Wednesday: AM Workout (~70 min run time) / PM 38 min shakeout @ Kenilworth
17 min wu
6x 100 stride, 100 jog
3 miles @ 172-180 (554, 553, 558?)
8x 100 stride, 100 jog
24 min cd

Thursday: PM 50 min @ Rice Pinnacle

Friday: 76 min run w. strides

Saturday: AM workout (63 min run time)/ PM 30 min shakeout + mini drill set
20 min wu
6 x 20/40 strides
4×3:30 @175-178BPM, ~70sec rec to 140 bpm
6 x 20/40 strides
15 min cd

Training Week of 08/02-08/08/09

Sunday: 90 min LR

Monday: 60 min easy @ Amboy

Tuesday: off

Wednesday: AM workout (~ 70+ min run time)
17:30 min wu
6x 100m stride, 100 jog
4 miles @ 612-610 pace (615, 611, 611, 608)
6x100m stride, 100 jog
17:30 min CD + mini leg circuit

Thursday: 60 min soft from Rice Pinnacle

Friday: AM Workout/ PM 30 min easy on M2S + mini leg circuit
17:30 min wu
6x 100m stride, 100m jog
5x 3:30, 60-70 sec rest on fields (forgot HR monitor)
8x 100m stride, 100m jog
24 min CD

Saturday: 30 min easy + drills and CD routine